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Graphic Designer

Good with Photoshop and Illustrator?

Have you done web designs before? As we primarily work with web, we're looking for a designer with specific web design skills.

If you do HTML(5) and CSS(3) that's a big plus!

Web Developer

We're looking for several talented web developers with experience in any or all of the languages and frameworks below:

  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • MEAN stack in general
  • HTML
  • CSS

The position could be full time or part time. We are actively hiring at this point and, if possible, you can start immediately.

If you know about PHP, MySQL or mobile app development, that's a plus! If you're good at math, even better :)

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Do you have other skills?

Feel free to contact us if you think you can be a good addition to our team, but your job is not listed below.

Our employees are our most important asset, we're very focused on making sure each and every one feels good about being here.

Working with us includes

Flex Time

We know that people work different. Some people don't do well early in the morning, but work brilliantly at night.

We offer our employees the possibility to work when it's best for them, and in some cases also where they feel best.

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We're obsessed with outputting quality in everything we do. Call us perfectionists with a twist.

We won't be tugging you away in the corner for the first six months, having you work on some old code to show us you know how to improve it.

You'll be working with bleeding edge technologies and learning cool things everyday.

Young Team

Our average age is well below 30 summers. But we still have many years in experience working with the web.

Our environment is open and everyone get's to give their opinion - and it will be heard!

Our employees are our most important asset, we're very focused on making sure each and every one feels good about being here.