TYPO3 is one of the leading Enterprise Content Management System in the world, it has been implemented in more than 500.000 websites. With TYPO3 you can add, change and remove text, images, and plug-ins on your site without installing any proprietary software, paying a third-party or having a technical background.

TYPO3 lets you run and edit any kind of site, personal or business, without learning HTML, CSS, programming, or web design. There are many other CMS available out there, but TYPO3's powerful administration backend, editing tools, and many other unique features make it a great option for any kind of site.

Here are some other unique features of TYPO3:

Simple site structure

TYPO3 uses a page-tree structure that's easy to understand and maintain. Update your menus dynamically by organizing your site into pages and folders in the backend.

Flexible designs

TYPO3 includes several different templating engines. These allow us to implement very advanced designs, while keeping the backend editing user-friendly.

Built-in image editing

TYPO3 features a powerful image engine that takes care of editing and resizing images automatically. This improves the speed and usability of the content editing process for the backend editor. 

More than 5.500 ready extensions

TYPO3 has more than 5.500 extensions that can be quickly implemented. For example: forms, news, blogs and many more.

It doesn't stop here though. Using the API-based framework in TYPO3, we can develop custom extensions that fits our clients needs.

Time Editing

For every page, content element or record within the web site, it's possible for the editor to set a start-and-stop time. TYPO3 will then publish the content on the specified time, and remove it again automatically when the stop-time is reached.

This feature allows the editor to work in advance, and decide when the content needs to be shown. This saves several work-steps and outdated content will not appear on the website after it's intended to be removed.


TYPO3’s backend supports 51 languages. The frontend can support as many languages as you need through localization.

Drag & Drop editing

The TYPO3 backend uses drag & drop features, which allows the backend editor to move around pages and content elements in a swift.

Frontend editing

With TYPO3, you can do faster updates and see your changes in context by editing content in the same frontend your visitors see.

Sophisticated WYSIWYG editor

What you see is what you get. The backend content editor in TYPO3 includes many features which makes it possible to style up your content exactly how you’d like it.


TYPO3 includes a very advanced, yet user-friendly workspace module.

This module features staging of the editing process and provides editors the possibility to collaborate on content and review it before publishing it.

With the workspace module correctly configured, it's possible for an editor to completely re-organize the site-tree or content of a page, then send it to the next person to review the content and decide if it's ready to be published or if it needs to be pushed back to the prior stage, for more editing.

When the content is ready to be published, a one button click swaps the current content with the new content.

The workspace module is especially useful for large organizations and government institutions where it's important that all new content is reviewed by a teamleader or a senior copywriter.

Safe & Secure

TYPO3 is serious on security. TYPO3 by default ships with many security features that keeps your information safe.

Talking security is Chinese for most, but if you're into security, we'd be happy to give you a rundown of the unique features that makes TYPO3 a very secure CMS.