What is Podio?

Podio, now part of Citrix Systems, is an online work platform with a new approach on how to work, collaborate and communicate both internally within your company and externally with clients. With Podio, you can manage projects and business processes in a better way by centralizing all the associated tasks, files and communication in one place.

In Podio, you structure your work by creating online workspaces and inviting the people you need to work with to join them. You also decide how to structure each workspace depending on what you need,  by creating customisable working apps to present content and information that’s linked to your work processes and interactions.

The results of working like this are great! - no more bottlenecks or disconnected processes.

Podio supports all major cloud file-sharing services!

Who is behind Podio?

Podio was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in early 2009 by Jon Froda and Anders Pollas and Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen. In the begining the project was named Hoist. Since then it has exprienced rapid growth. In 2012 it was acquired by Citrix Systems. Currently Podio has a team of over 50 people in 2 offices located in Copenhagen and San Francisco.

What can I do with Podio?

CRM & Lead Management

Stay on top of all your business relations, leads and customers. Structure the CRM depending on what you need and collaborate with your coworkers on each customer or lead.

Project Management

Podio excels at project management. Collaborate with the necessary people in one place. All communication, files, tasks and information related to a project will be in one centralized place to make sure everyone is in the loop. Structure you project the way you want to.


Your human resources department will have the best tool to handle candidates and manage the recruiting process in one place. You won't be needing spreadsheets or email to find talented recruits.

Social Intranet

Your intranet does not have to be a one way communication. Interact with your coworkers like never before. Share ideas and knowledge in a social and organized way.

Event Management

Use Podio as an event management software to collaboratively organise events and manage attendees. Modify it each time depending on your event.

What can we do for you as a Podio Authorized Partner?

Process consulting and workflow implementation

We will help you structure Podio workspaces and applications in the right way. First, we need to understand the way you work to know how to setup Podio for you.

Roll-out plan

We'll help you build the adoption strategy to make sure Podio becomes part of your daily workflow. Not only is important to structure Podio correctly but also to roll-out it within the organization in the right way.

Podio Training

We'll do on-site training sessions, monitoring and provide support to make sure people in your organization are using Podio correctly.

Custom development

Take advantage of Podio's API. We can custom develop solutions that will complement with Podio perfectly. For example: integrate your website's contact forms with Podio so you receive all your contacts within a particular workspace.

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