Project Description

Revista Clave is a leading real estate magazine in Ecuador. It promotes real estate projects and provides insightful information about the industry, its players, latest trends, and all that is relevant within this sector.

Since 2011, Revista Clave has organized yearly real estate fairs called Feria de la Vivienda Mi Casa Clave The fair has the magazine’s quality stamp all over it and has become a major event of its kind.

This year, Revista Clave! wanted to have a website that would promote the fair, provide information about the participant projects and also allow people to book appointments at the fair with a sales representative of the project that they are interested in.

We implemented a website that met Revista Clave’s requirements through which people was able to see the projects in advance. Each project had relevant information and pictures. We optimized the classification of projects by allowing people to search by price, sector and type. The process of booking an appointment was extremely fast and intuitive. Additionally, in order to reduce the no-show percentage, after booking an appointment, both the user and sales representative received automated SMS and email notifications.