Project Description

Autofenix approached us with a concern: Its website was not inducing sales the way they had projected when it was initially launched.

The main problem was in the content, as it failed to represent their product's features in a clear and concise manner and thus failed to reflect Autofenix's service quality that caters to personalized customer service. Further, the website had other limitations: navigating from one page to another lacked coherence and ease, in addition, updating content presented a continuous challenge that compromised the accuracy of the information on hand.

Autofenix had a problem and we held the solution!

We changed the website’s design completely, making it lightweight, user-friendly and professional. We focused on product presentation, giving each vehicle an individual page to showcase its properties.

We built Autofenix new website using TYPO3 CMS which gives them complete control of the website’s content. They can now update and change content in house thanks to the tools and training that we provided. They can also monitor traffic and react appropriately keeping customers updated and well informed.

The client said

Working with Backend Studio was a very pleasant experience. We wanted to show our vehicles in the best way possible and I think we achieved it. We are very happy with the end result. I think this is the begining of a long and prosperous partnership.

— Daniela Cárdenas, Marketing Manager