We love & use HTML5

HTML5 is a collection of features, technologies and APIs that are taking the web experience to a different level. It enables website and applications to have the same performance, speed and functionality as desktop applications.

In every website or application we do, we use HTML5 in combination with CSS3.

Companies love HTML5

Companies such as Apple, Google, Mozilla (creators of the Firefox browser) and Adobe have shown full support to HTML5. Every new Mac supports HTML5 completely, the new versions of Google Chrome and Firefox are designed to work on HTML5. They are all in constant collaboration to push the boundaries of browser capabilities.

The possibilities of HTML5

The internet is becoming more visual everyday, HTML5 allows us to create advanced graphics, typography, animations, transitions and sophisticated visual effects without having to turn to different platforms or use different plugins. Everything can be done directly in HTML5.

It's not all visual features though. HTML5 allows us to create working offline web applications, where we can save the data inside the webapp/browser using HTML5 features. When the user is online again, the content will synchronize with the server.

We also love CSS3

With CSS3, we can work easier without having to spend so much time making complicated JavaScript animations.

CSS3 allows us to make transitions and so many other things directly with CSS — before we had to make it using a combination of advanced HTML and JavaScript.

On the right side you can see examples of really impressive work done using mainly CSS3 (and of course HTML5), and sometimes some JavaScript.

Only a few years back all of these things were done in flash. Soon (in fact, some of these work just perfect on iPhones and iPads) they'll run just as beautifully on your mobile device! We can't wait!