We are long term thinkers. We want to work with companies that think like us, so that we can enjoy a long and healthy partnership.

During the Concept stage, we analyze our clients situation and online needs and we align them with our core strengths in order to optimize our service.


Now that we know our client, we try to design its online experience thinking like them.

The entire team gets together to officially launch the start of the project, and we brainstorm and strategize our deliverables.


The project is underway. We check the progress continuously and thoroughly to make sure everything is on the right track.

Internal daily meetings and progress meetings with our clients are the norm.


The completion of a project is a reason for celebration. After we make sure the client is completely satisfied, trained and most important happy with the results.

Sometimes we celebrate the beginning of a long relationship by having a launch party with our team and the client.

Current site analysis

If the client currently has a website, we'll analyze it to see what's good and what's bad.

We take the best and forget about the rest; then we give our proposal to the client on how the site should feel, look and work.

Project description

We write a detailed project description of our proposal.

Getting the design right

Every project starts by the design. We discuss this with the client alongside our chief designer so we all know what the visual goal is.

The visual impression is very important for us, we want to make sure that our clients love what they see. 

Frontend implementation

Now that the design is how our client and we want it, it needs to be programmed into CSS styled HTML code.

Then we start implementing into the backend to make the content fully dynamic.

We've done this many times before so we know how to do it right.

Internal milestones

We set internal milestones to ensure the project stays on track. If, for some reason, there are complications, we'll be able to quickly adjust and dispense more manpower to get back on track.

Delivering a project on time is one of our main goals.

Bug testing

Throughout the implementation process, we test every possible scenario we can think of to make sure everything runs smooth and easy.

It's extremely important for us to make sure the site is error free before we present it to the client. We take this part very seriously. 

Train the client

We train the employees that will be editing the website.

The training includes TYPO3 backend editing, writing SEO texts by understanding Google Analytics and using this tool to optimize the content of the website.

Create documentation guides

Even though we are very serious about training our new editors in using their new website, we know that people forget.

To overcome that, we create small guides specifically for the client to use when editing the website. These guides includes screendumps and text, that explains how to use the different parts of the TYPO3 backend.