Backend Studio lands in Barcelona!

Backend Studio is an international web development company. Based in Quito, Ecuador with an office in Barcelona, it is focused on quality and innovation.

Barcelona is the perfect hub to serve current and future customers in Europe. From here we coordinate with an international team of developers and experts. Customers will be in contact with a local head of development for the coordination of all projects. 

The new Backend Studio office also represents the perfect opportunity to offer existing customers our web development services with content management services and consulting in online communication.

Our services

  • Web Development 
  • Mobile websites (Responsive Web Design)
  • Web consulting 
  • Online Marketing - SEM 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Content management and SEO consulting 
  • Social networks and online communities

Content Management

We like to work on content. Designing a website is only the beginning of the work. The actual results are measured with a website capable of generating good content.

Search engines are increasingly using sophisticated algorithms to reward websites that have good, relevant content. 

That content must be well written and use the right tone for the target audience is meant for. The proper content management can mean the difference between similar sites.

Our team in Bacelona

Enric Carbonell Valls

Enric Carbonell Valls is a political scientist, a graduate in audiovisual communication and has a masters in political marketing, and communication strategies. He is the Project Manager in our office in Barcelona in charge of content generation and social networking communities.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, it's not just about doing it well, you must know how to communicate.

Passionate about basketball and political communication (in that order).

Diego Cárdenas

Diego has a bachelor on economics. He has a master in business administration (MBA) and postgrad studies on corporate strategy.

He has also a masters in political marketing and communication and has several years of experience in sales and business management working internally and externally for different organizations as a consultant.

He is now exploring a new area of expertise related to search engine optimization and online marketing, convinced that only a consistent strategy can make the difference when you have the same tools available for all. 

Diego is the Project Manager in Barcelona.